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We're Your LAST TENANT!!


Do you Own a rental property? Are you tired of the day to day hassle of being a Landlord?  Are you ready for your Investment Property to become truly passive, as it were intended to be?   If so... WE SHOULD TALK!

We'd love to become you're last tenant... Here's how:

You rent to us as you would any other tenant.  We'll pay agreed upon deposits and monthly rents.  No more evictions.  No more Rehabs between tenants.  No more late night phone calls for a stopped up toilet or clogged sink. We oversee the property for use with corporate housing, catering to executives for  Coca-Cola, Delta, MLB, NBA, NFL, and Emory... just to name a few.  All of our units carry $1M insurance policies and are backed by our booking platform.  

Our success is based almost exclusively  on how well your property shows and is maintained.  We thoroughly clean and inspect the property between each guest; and complete any repairs needed before the next guest stay.  These processes assure you that your property is in FOR SALE READY condition at all times.    

How much Are you wanting to GROW?  The sky is the limit.  As investors ourselves we understand your REI goals and exit strategies.  We remove the physical and mental demand it takes to operate a rental, freeing your time to focus on growing your business. As you obtain new properties and complete rehabs, you'll be confident in knowing that you already have a tenant in place.  Because We're constantly adding to our inventory, there's no need to start vetting potential renters as your project comes to a close.  We'll be there, ready to Sign the Lease and take the Keys.   You can instantly move on to the next BRRRR!  

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Not sure if this is for you...?  Totally COOL!  We understand that this is a new concept for some and may take some time to grasp.  We're not going ANYWHERE...  So whenever you're ready to take your BRRRR business to the next level, we're here for you!