Meet the Team


Will Gandy

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Founded in 2008, Will has led Admiral And Ray Properties to becoming one of the leaders in Atlanta Real Estate Investment. Originally from New Orleans, LA, he’s lived in and experienced a viriety of markets to include Birmingham, AL, Jackson, MS, and currently Atlanta, GA. Will enjoys travel with family, both domestic and abroad, to experience different cultures and facets of life.  These experiences show in his style of design . There’s No slowing down in sight!  Will is still taking Admiral And Ray Properties to new heights by offering a vast array of services and support to the REI community.


Bee Gandy

VP/ Head of Marketing 

As a loving mother and wife, Bee is acustom to multi-tasking and doing whatever it takes to keep the boat afloat! Originally from Adis Ababa, Ethiopia and spending her childhood in the Washington, DC area before landing in Atlanta, Bee is culturally diverse and eager to learn and adapt to new things.  Bee is multi-talented, a serial entrepreneur, and heads several successful Businesses currently in operation.  With her background in customer service, Bee makes sure that every connection  receives personal value and appreciation.

About Us

Est 2007......ish!


Our company, as a whole, stands on its core values enstilled onto our founder, beginning in his early years of growing up on the West Bank of, New Orleans while residing in his grandparents home, on the corner of ADMIRAL AND RAY. 

Established in 2007, but our company didn’t officially get its wings until 2010.  In ‘07 we dove head first into the RE arena, and just when we felt we were beginning to make the right connections and gain traction... BOOM... The bottom fell out Leaving the country in economic disarray.  As we know RE was one of the hardest hit industries.  We took jobs, started other ventures, doing what we had to do to feed our families. Over time those ventures began to pay off and we were financiall stable but we still had an itch that we needed to scratch...Real Estate! Slowly but surely we began to rekindle the flame, making connections (old and new), and things started to fall in place. We began with wholesaling, then gradually worked up to Buy and holds, Fix-n-Flips, and Air BNB. While we continue to use these methods as our bread and butter, we now offer support services to the REI community. These services include Air BNB cleaning services (more info), co-hosting (more info), and guest services (more info), 

State of the Art Designs


Our team of architects and designers have created award winning designs. We will work with you to develop the distinctive look you envision. Make sure to check out our completed projects.

Admiral And Ray Properties Cares


A portion of our annual earnings is invested to local non-profits to help make a difference in our community. Subscribe with us to stay up to date with all our upcoming events.